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//deconstructing the eurocentric view of blonde hair.. 

visit melanesia’s solomon islands {1800 kilometers northeast of australia} and you’ll notice a striking contrast: about 10% of the dark-skinned islanders sport bright blond afros. hypotheses about the origins of this golden hair have included bleaching by sun and saltwater, a diet rich in fish, and the genetic legacy of europeans or americans. guess what- no euro/american genes- instead, it’s a random mutation that suggests blond hair has evolved independently at least twice in human history.. {science mag}

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Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett in Jason’s Lyric

natural black love is afrosensual

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Disney princess in haute couture

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The Voodoo Master

The Witch

The Devil

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Quilled Comic Masks

Original BatmanIron ManAutobot and Decepticon each available for $200(USD) at Alia Design.

Created by Alia Syed

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Soo Sunny Park (b. Seoul, Korea) - Unwoven Light at Rice University’s Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. Composed of 37 individual sculptural units, the installation uses iridescent plexi-glass embedded in pieces of a chain link fence to cast shimmering, colorful reflections across the spacious gallery.

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